My friends,

I am asking you today to help me in my quest to find a good printing shop to print our new slogan on t-shirts, if you have any connections to give us a good price and not compromise quality i would really appreciate it. Also, the donations jar needs some love, i know you are all generous in your own right, remember your 1/2 or 1 KD goes along way, we have managed to take six-k from a small group on facebook to something that people speak off & are very proud to be a part off.

I have big plans for this summer, (starting April), things like Kubbar Trips, Wall Climbs, Long Runs (20 K plus), and many exciting things so trust me the more help you can offer the more fun stuff we can do together.

Also in the pipeline, Six-K Dubai chapter. I won’t let out any information now, but i will make sure it doesn’t go like our Arizona experience. If we can change 1 life at a time, it’s more than enough.

 Love you all.

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3 Responses to Help

  1. ViP says:

    Hi ..

    I know the good printing shop to print our new slogan on t-shirts .


  2. Hi! If you find the perfect print shop please send me an email! i would really appreciate it . thanks 🙂

  3. helper says:

    you could find a good print shop in hawallyin front of the othman center called ” carte blanche”. the place looks cheap but there really really good.

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