beyond boring


I realized today that i really hate treadmills, i dont know why. lately i have gained weight, god damn you guys have no clue how much i hate winters! they make you want to eat and stay warm, so here i am. I have a great trip coming up in March and i want to loose some weight to prove to an old friend that i can keep fit (E dog). As far as running, yesterday i ran outside an my oh my! amazing run, today i swear i couldn’t bear being on that boring machine for more than 10 minutes! there is something magical about the streets, the trees, the cars passing by, peoples faces while they “whoosh” by you so quick, there is a feeling you get as if a burst of energy when the wind just decides to blow in your face and that is definatley priceless.

I guess some things in life can be fixed on a treadmill but nothing beats a good old run in the open air !

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One Response to beyond boring

  1. ViP says:

    Thank you for the wonderful subject .. And see you tomorrow

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