For today’s six-k meet I decided to walk to Mishref from my house, obviously I had a lot of time to think, and this is what crossed my mind.  

Have you ever been taken over by your insecurities, your fears, the rush of feelings & emotions that when they strike they take you over like a large tidal wave that takes over a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean. I cannot begin to tell you how insecurities kill our inner abilities to move forward and to achieve our goals. To this day I struggle with my own insecurities and to overcome them I always try to identify them and resolve them. I firmly believe in the power that lives in the middle of each and every one of us.  

To this day I struggle my chest area for instance, I don’t like it. When I go shopping I keep that in mind, and when I go running I tend to always wear two t-shirts to cover up what I really hate. In reality I actually cannot believe I just told the whole world this, but I made a promise when I started the six-k club, that I will always be honest with MYSELF and with EACH and EVERY one of you. To slowly fix my problem, I started to go to the gym and lift weights, I started to read more about how to build your chest muscles and I do apply it daily. You have no idea what that has done for my self confidence and the way I deal with things now, it is amazing.  

Everyday I see people around me, who are friends acquaintances or whatever, complain about certain aspects of their life and attribute it to others when it’s just their insecurities and when I point it out they are startled, amazed, sometimes in a state of shock as if they just had an epiphany and they really tend to work at doing something about it.  

My fellow friends, family, and everyone, never allow your insecurities to take over, at the end of the day no one is watching what your wearing, no one cares if your t-shirt shows your “lumps”, no one actually notices if your gym cloths match or not, no one out there will remember you 10 seconds after you have fell and gotten up, our miss-haps are fixable but our insecurities are incurable. In life there are things that we all need to come to realize, we can solve 99% of our problems and it takes 3 simple steps, Identify – Accept – Fix.  

I am no life guru or a perfect being, god only knows that I have my vices and my flaws, but I will tell you all one thing, I might get sad a little when I gain a few, or get a bit shy when I’m in the presence of total strangers, but I have always come out ahead because I Identified, accepted and to this day I fix my problems.  

This club has become a part of me, I cannot walk away from it, it’s embedded in every friendship I have made in the past year, it’s in the faces and smiles of each and every one of you and us, this club is a school, a school for hope and happiness and livelihood and acceptance, I have always believed that in a positive environment miracles can happen and I believe we have witnessed plenty. I am, and have been proud of many things in my lifetime so far, but nothing has made me more proud today than the people that have taken personal challenges and steps to change their lives for the better, remember the Six-K spirit will always be there to give you a push or a lift if you ever need it, until then I’ll see you at the next walk where I’ll be, as always, freezing and complaining about how much I can’t stand cold weather.  Love you all.  

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2 Responses to Insecurity

  1. Maze says:

    gr8 post…hope i can join u guys again but it seems theres no solution soon regarding the 2 shifts schedule for banks…:(

    when it warms up there will be trust me.

  2. This post was EXACTLY what I wrote about today..well it was exactly the answer to everything that I wrote about today because I was blown away by the tidal wave today. I was a very small boat in a very big ocean but your post gave me some answers and some perspective. Thank you!

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