Take It From Me !

I remember mom & dad and I’m sure you too have heard it over and over again “wear something warmer it’s cold out there”, it used to piss me off like you wouldn’t believe, as if I didn’t know better that they really had to remind me! I used to never believe that you can actually catch a cold from just walking with “not enough” layers in the winter, until 3 days ago.

I was at work, sitting by Calvin as usual and looking at my screen when I started to have this terrible pain in my stomach. The pain was far more powerful and aching than anything that i have felt like before. To describe it would be impossible, to try too would be a waste. I sat there at my desk shocked as ever as I felt the insides of my stomach tear in shreds, then I decided to leave. I went home only to feel even worse, when I walked in I quickly jumped into bed and started to curl up like a little baby and wait as the pain came and went, stalking my every thought, scaring my every minute I just wanted it to pass.

The next morning, after a sleepless night, I had felt a little better but still far from being okay, instead of resting at home I decided to go back to work. I stayed for the trading session and came quickly back home to only experience the worst of it. The pain escalated to being so bad I had to bite on my pillow and I just fell asleep, I took some Anti-Viral medicine from my stomach and later woke up to be in a bed of sweat and what seemed like a fever slowly leaving my body. I now feel better by miles. my migranes which used to want to make me shoot myself in the neck are now milder, i still have one though.

Please wear alot of cloths, make sure you are warm and comftorable, don’t try to defy nature it will put you were you belong, Mom & Dad .. I hate to admit it, your SOMETIMES right, and this is one of those times.

 *by the way, i was just in the mood to write, so mind the extra “drama”, it’s all true, i could’ve been straight to the point i know but again, i was in the mood to write. 🙂

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One Response to Take It From Me !

  1. neil alexander kallabat says:

    stop eating indian food ok

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