21 KM Walk Again !

Good Morning All you Walkers!


This coming Saturday, February 9th we shall be doing another long 21 km walk.  We shall start at the Scientific Center at 8.30 am and hopefully will count all the restaurants on the other side (the non-sea side) of the road.  We shall stop for a coffee/bathroom break at a restaurant of your choice.  I shall take everyone back to their cars in my ‘ambulance’ as before!  The walk should take 3hours 30 minutes with a 30 minute coffee break so you should be back at your cars by 1pm.  

If you feel the walk is too long for you please arrange to have someone collect you from the Gulf road when you get tired.


This is the message sent to me by Astrid ! I’m going to be there, it will be fun!

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2 Responses to 21 KM Walk Again !

  1. Ana says:

    Only members can join the walk ?

  2. ViP says:

    Certainly I will come 🙂

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