Neil Kallabat


It has been such a long time since we really talked, it seems like the distance keeps getting wider and wider but every time we do get the chance to cross paths and say Hello it feels like you never left.  

I wanted to say that you are very much missed but never forgotten, people still ask about you every time I go out, weather be it at Six-K meets or me shopping at Tods (you know who). Your Kuwait misses you dearly, you were a friend to many and a brother to all, life will definitely cross our paths again, hopefully in March or I’m going to hunt you down, until then my friend, Viva Las Vegas!

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6 Responses to Neil Kallabat

  1. Saud says:

    hell yeah we miss u ALOT!! uncle!!!! ;D

  2. neil alexander kallabat says:

    Hi Jz
    man you made my day by this recent post ,I truly thought that my kuwaiti pal has forgeton me already .
    Jasoom I will make sure that I will get to see you for atleast a day or more when you visit the states, I was very saden by not doing so while 2of favarote buddieswere in the US Saud,Mazzon , it was bad timing thats all
    6K people ,Caloo ma main man, Ali G,Yousif,Ali Rayess Farah,Nouf,Hia,Sara,
    Steu,Fahid,Dalal,and I havent forget about my friends,mazin,saud ,wallah I miss all of you tons
    if anyone of you wants anything from the states please email me I will send it with JZ when he gets back
    luv you all

  3. dalal says:

    ooh i really miss u neil ;/
    seriously !
    u take good care of ur self ;**

  4. Maze says:

    we miss uuuuuuuuuuu

  5. Farah.s says:

    Yes i miss u more nielo , hopefully we meet soon .
    who knows 🙂

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