Finally – The Weekend Walks Are Back !

The weather is getting better, (not today offcourse), so let’s make the best of it and try to get the most of everyone out there! We are going to shift our walks to this schedule !

Fridays at 10:00 a.m. – this way you have enough time for Friday Brunch, Friday Prayers, Friday Gradnma’s House or Friday whatever, we’ll change it in the summer for all of you who are Chalet go’ers !

*there is no walk today, unless you want your lungs filled with dust 😛

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9 Responses to Finally – The Weekend Walks Are Back !

  1. 7yranaa says:

    where it will be enshalah.

  2. Maze says:

    good timing Jasooom…but this friday hmmm its gonna be special to me…:)

  3. ViP says:

    Hi All …

    where are you 7yranaa for long time didn’t see you ??


  4. 7yranaa says:

    thank you VIP (Khaled) for asking about me, how r u,
    lelasaf every time i have some other commitments.
    i miss you alllllllllllllllllllll realy
    Friday is a good time for me to join you gays, also the timeing is good so i’ll be there inshalah, and rush back for my kids to teak them to the prayer.
    C U all

  5. ViP says:

    fine Thanks 🙂

    I wish to be come inshalah

  6. Shaima says:

    I think finally i can join u guys if it’s on Friday .. jassim I need T-shirt please 😛

  7. Maze says:

    looool 7yranaa…we are guys and not gays….i’ve seen this misspelling in many of ur comments…please correct next time

  8. Aisha.m says:

    hi all
    this is the first time for me with u and i hope ican make it

  9. ViP says:

    You can make it Aisha.m 🙂

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