Carpe Diem: Clarification

A very close friend of mine today told me that he was very critical of the movie created by Kuwait University “carpe diem”, and that his views where shared by many of his friends. When i asked why? he said that it basically showed who Jasem was and his accomplishments and not shown the accomplishments of the club and it’s members. Before i got the chance to explain myself, he had to go.

This is my explanation:

I was approached by a group of students at Kuwait University who wanted to basically create a mini film and they needed it to be based on a character, and they chose me. When i sat with them they had told me that it needed to be emotional and basically i needed to act, hence the way i was talking is VERY unlike how i talk normally. What i said was 100% true, how i said wasn’t, i wanted to be very close to the viewer, hence making it more emotional. I agreed to participate in the project and i really think they did a great effort and a wonderful job. But, I will say this and i know i have said it before, without each member there would not be a club called The Six-K Club and no one would know who Jasem is or was. I really could give a damn if i was the “founder” or “creator” or whatever you want to call me. All i intended for this club is to get people off their sofas and come join me for a walk and thank god we have worked miracles & wonders. I really am proud of the group, i really believe in the club and it’s abilities to put a stamp, a positive one, on peoples lives.

This is my message to people who are critical, just for the sake of being critical:

Yes the movie did highlight my accomplishments and yes it might have taken me into the spotlight and not the club, but that’s besides the point. The club was founded after it’s founder and now it’s founder is only a member of the club and NEVER the other way around. I want you all to know that yes i am proud of what i have accomplished and i don’t like to keep it a secret because talking about it motivates me and gives me a reason not go back to my old ways. I want to thank you for all your criticism and your comments but i want you also to know that this group of people who really care about one another isn’t going anywhere, this group is not a man or a woman but a collection of all, we are the people who makes each one of us proud in his/ her own right and one day all of Kuwait will come to recognize the achievements of a few young men and women who decided to stop living in the dark and walk out to see the light.

They say every weight loss story has a start, we all got our start HERE.

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5 Responses to Carpe Diem: Clarification

  1. Maze says:

    very well said…:)

  2. farah.s says:

    True and we are not just a group or members of 6k but a family .

  3. ironaddict says:

    Thanks for the comment on my site! I must say that your site looks pretty slick!

  4. zeroa says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me in my quest for healthier living. Your story and the rest of the 6K family is quite amazing! I don’t know if I’ll ever get to that point, but I have to start somewhere. Take care and all the best in fitness and more importantly in life. Cheers.

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