Time Change!

Dear Friends,



For the past few months I have noticed a slow decline in attendance, I don’t know weather it is because of the nature of everything in life or just plain nature (weather, time, work, other priorities etc)


I decided to stop having a set time for our walks and going back to basics, when we first started Six-K we used to send out an email and give a 1 or 2 day notice on when/where! It was exciting, it was spontaneous and people seriously loved it, also it gave me the ability to interact more with the members.


I hope this decision does not turn people off, but Calvin and I have been speaking about this issue for quiet some time and we both feel that with everything that we have endured this must be one of the biggest decisions we have taken thus far, nevertheless our hopes in “going back to basics” as I have dubbed it earlier in my message is our true hope to achieving bigger successes and making peoples dreams only come closer to being true.


With much love, respect, support, and admiration


I will be “randomly” emailing you soon!




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6 Responses to Time Change!

  1. Farah.s says:

    Waiting your email dear and see you soon jasem and calvin .
    take care 🙂

  2. afrah says:

    YESSSS !! i think its better.
    See u SooN 🙂

  3. afrah says:

    as well as it would be excellent if it was on tuesday i’ll be the first to come :):):):):)

  4. Thuraya says:

    Oooo my dear…
    i really love ur suggestion, its better 2 meet a large collection of the 6k walkers…
    we are waiting 4 ur email and i hope that i will see u with Calvin and 5aled as sooOoon as possible….
    with much love, much support and respect, the 6K club will continue ur dream…

  5. Hey when is the next Walking session?!

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