The Moment Of Truth

As you might have noticed there has been a lack of myself and the group to go ahead and organize a walk or event or any activity. I have always concealed this lack of effort to work commitments or life’s errands, but the truth is that I have been shy to appear again in front of my audience.


I have gained weight, around 10 to 15 kilos, not sure to be exact because I refuse to weigh myself.


The reason for the weight gain can stem from my U.S. trip to a shoulder injury to plain ignorance and that thought when you’ve lost weight, “I’ve done it before I can do it again” mentality which really sneaks up on you.


Yesterday a club member gave me words of courage and might that I have never heard before, he repeated the same words that I uttered to him when he first showed up to walk with us and now he’s 10 kilo’s lighter. He made me so upset that I have started to eat super healthy and started to seriously get real. I have since worked out and I can tell you that I feel like its 2001 and I’m in my apartment in Arizona determined as ever to do something about it. I have told many people who I keep close to my heart and who I love openly that I’m doing something about and I have not really, but this time It’s personal, it’s my word against me and it’s my word to essentially, the whole world.


Two minutes ago, Afrah informed me something beautiful. The shy girl with a heart of gold started her journey with 131 kilos, now she’s a slimmed down 98 and on her way to her goal of 68.  I am proud more than ever, I am ecstatic more than ever, I am psyched more than ever; I am humbled more than ever, I am a happy man more than ever, I am hopeful more than ever; I am The Six-K Club more than ever before.


Join me this summer in my and our and the whole worlds quest to spread the good words of health, happiness and life fatless. With you I have shared my most personal experiences and with you all …


I will share my new weight loss story.

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10 Responses to The Moment Of Truth

  1. Nouf Hassan says:

    hey, first of all missed ya all ;*** …. n j we all tend to let ourselves go sometimes untill it hits us and its ok u did it once im sure u can do it again … gud luk with that ;*
    AS for afrah i couldnt be more proud, her goal was to reach a 2 digit number n she got there ;** n soon the perfect weight 😉

  2. Rana says: is ok to gain weight from time to time….we are humans ..and sometimes we tend to overeat and get too lazy to work out so we automatically gain weight without us knowing …

    but it takes alot of determination and hard work lose all that weight …keep it up jassem….c’mon u were and still an inspiration for me to lose weight …. yeah i also need to lose all that extra weight …bas i will never give up…:P

    please jassim we have to take a walk before it gets 2 hot:)))

  3. lolita al sarraf says:

    hiii …
    i’ve never go on walk with this amazing group .. soooo iallah jassem 😉 i guess we all need u ;*

  4. Dalal says:

    Hey, I have never gotten a chance to actually attend any of the walks because of many stupid reasons but I join the mailing list, hoping that one day I’d walk. I wanted to tell you that I find your story extremely inspirational and truly heartfelt!

    Kudos to you =)

  5. Fillette says:

    Jassim NEVER GIVE Up n u kn0w that it’s n0rmal 2 gain weight from time 2 time
    Me myself i gained 6kilos while my aim was 2 l0se 10kilos s0 imagine that instead of 10 i have 16kilos 2 l0se n0w !! N i’m still goin’ shoppin’ n chillin’ with my friends at the beach there is n0 reas0n 2 b shy,u kn0w that every1 l0ves u 4 who u r n at the 1st place u were our light who gave us the courage so b brave n come on let’s all walk !

  6. alfailakawi says:

    hi all,

    how r u guys

    miss u all

    mn zmaaan ma mshena 😀

    nby nmshy mn zman ma mshena 9rna emtan 😛

    see u all

    o na6ren t76on yom 3shan nmshy :>


  7. Maze says:

    am gonna kick ur ass when I see you…dude u still looook gr8!

  8. Sara says:

    You should never say never =p u just have to accept that your body fluctuates and control it as best as you can and u’ve succeeded before so akeeed u can succeed again and again and again…even if it is painful to go through it all over again..

    Keep a close scale, so every 2 days u’d weigh urself..

    Keep it up Jasem we’re all like you (dieting lil asaf) and we’re all with u :>

  9. farah.s says:

    Miss u and all the way with u jassem 🙂
    see you soon

  10. Amu says:

    good luck 🙂

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