Say A Prayer

Yesterday i received what could be the worst news of my life, Ella, Celine’s daughter & the most gorgeous & loving & fun baby was diagnosed last night with cancel. A large, “baseball sized”, tumor was found on her liver, she is in the hospital surrounded by friends & family who love and support Ella & her parents throughout the day & night. Please say a prayer for Ella & let’s hope she pulls through this bump, i know you can do it my Ella !

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9 Responses to Say A Prayer

  1. fatmah says:

    الله يشافيها و يشافي كل مريض

  2. الله يشفيها من كل شر ان شاء الله

  3. natalie says:

    wow im so sorry, inshallah she will be well… please send my love to her family

  4. farah.s says:

    الله يشافيها و يحفظها انشالله

  5. Aliya says:

    اللله يشافيها يا رب اميييييييين
    والله حرام كسرت خاطري فديتها
    الله يشافيها يارب

  6. Fatma says:

    الله يشفيها ويكتب لها كل الخير انشاء الله! وماتشوفين شر Ella!
    She’s so cute, I hope she’s better by now!

    الله يكون بالعون

  7. 7yranaa says:

    اجر وعاااافيه ان شاء الله
    طهووووور ان شاء الله
    الله يقومها بالسلامه ان شاء الله
    وياجر اهلها على صبرهم ورعايتهم له

  8. Thuraya says:

    My pretty baby…..
    God will save u and every patient …. then u can enjoy ur life
    ur parents and ur family ….

  9. To a little angel named Ella

    Hang there sweet girl.I believe you will pull through this, and go back to your loving family and friends.
    your gurdian angel is looking down on you .

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