De Ja Vu

As i stepped foot onto the road i can slowly feel the weight crushing down my bones and on my knees and what seemed to be a light and quick run at 8:00 turned into a memory of four years ago, this time however I had tasted the joy of being Light.

I ran yesterday for the first time in months, in Mishref. The weather was gorgeous and the music was great and i did run believe it or not, made it all the way around, 8 Kilos in total. I still have my strenght but now it takes a whole lot of effort. I’m heavy, I get tired very quickly, and I wish I didn’t have it all let go.

I weighed for the first time, I won’t share my weight, although i will say that from my absolute low i’m 8 Kilos heavy, i would like to be down lighter by 6 however, i think 8 makes me look real skinny and it just doesn’t match my structure.

So this is it i guess, i’m on a mission again, to loose 6 … it’s 5:38 p.m. and already i can’t wait till it’s 8:00 so i can head out and go for a nice run.

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5 Responses to De Ja Vu

  1. I hope to start as soon as possible, I’m ready 🙂

  2. Fawaz M. Al Shammari says:

    Good for you Jasem!
    You know you can do it!
    We know you can do it!
    I myself have gained a bit more weight, they’re not much but they feel alot.. and frankly, I think it’s affected my confidence!
    I’m hitting the gym again after a “study break” that seems to have been going on for the past 2 months, in which I’ve gained the “evil” weight ;P
    I really cannot wait for the next 6k Walk/ Run!
    Hope you orgainze one soon.
    And remember, we believe in you!

  3. Fatma says:

    Do your best!

  4. afrah says:


  5. afrah says:


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