Ella – Update

My friend Elliot called me yesterday to tell me some good news, Ella is in good spirits. The doctors have already made up their minds on what’s the best treatment to go through with. Celine gave birth to a lovely girl and they named her Maya! I can’t wait to see little adorable Maya!

Celine & Lyndon, we all are praying for your baby Ella … don’t worry she is in good hands and our best wishes and prayers go out for “my ella”


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1 Response to Ella – Update

  1. Fatma says:

    Thank God she’s doing well, I hope the treatment thing go well with her!

    3asa Allah yer7am 7alna o 7alha o Allah y9abbir ahalha o yshafeeha insha2Allah!

    Hang in there sweetheart, God be with you.

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