Ella – Update

I just heard excellent news from my friend Elliot ! the results from Ella’s CT Scan are back, the cancer on her lungs is 100% gone and the tumor on her liver has shrunk 50% ! Thank you for all of those of you who have prayed for her, let’s keep on saying our prayer until she goes back home to here parents and her beautiful baby sister Maya (who Celine needs to send me pictures off) soon.

Thank you all who made donations, i have sent the money to the U.S. it was close to 3,000 US Dollars raised! which is amazing. Thank you all for everything.

Love Jasem.
Ps* The Six-K Club will be back VERY SOON, i hope you are all ready.

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4 Responses to Ella – Update

  1. Sharifah says:

    Great news Jasem! I’m happy to hear about Ella’s health imporovment. Inshallah we hear about her full recovery soon.
    Looking forward to join the club when I’m back (hopefully soon).

  2. Thuraya says:

    what a great news !
    jsm… am sure that ur father is very proud of u…
    i haven’t see somebody like u…
    u care about others and u try as u can to help them in their fights….
    So i will a prayer just for u:
    ” God please save this HERO from any adversity”….

  3. your dad says:

    just to let you know and to confirm Thuraya’s thought,I am very proud of you.Hope all the best for Ella and her family.

  4. Afrah says:

    lhamdela that she’s getting better and enshallah she will be back home with her family.

    offffffff courseee we are readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!

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