1st Ramadan Walk

Thank you all for showing up I had an amazing time.




This is a message to you my hero, words can’t describe how proud i am of you. I can only see myself using your courage to get back on track and hopefully finish my dream run at Beirut Marathon next year. You look marvelous &  i am tremendously proud of your courage, success, and happiness and can only wish you the best going forward, you are the reason why there was, is and will alwys be a Six-K Club.

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23 Responses to 1st Ramadan Walk

  1. Thank you Jasem and I very proud of you , Thank you for everything

  2. Ali G says:

    That sure was a good time! I was worried that not many were going to show up but 15 people is good for a Ramadan walk!

  3. عايشه says:

    كان ودي اكون معاكم بس الوقت ماساعدني 😦

  4. Thuraya says:

    well done guys…
    But am so sorry for not being there….
    So i hope 4 everyone ” Ramadan Kreem”…..
    For u Calvin, Jasem ,5aled ” Bo waleed ” and to every member of this club….
    Oooo enshala if i didn’t join u now, the following days are coming….

  5. Afrah says:

    JASIM thanks alot and its U, U MADE HALF OF THAT so you have to be proud of your self 2 coz i wasnt motivated leyma i joined the Six-K 🙂
    ;*** THANKKS

  6. Ian Williams says:

    Jasem, Many thanks to you and the other members for making me feel so welcome. It was my first time – but it won’t be my last, even though my muscles ached for a day or two afterwards. Pat apologises for the afro, saying it was a bad hair day!

  7. عسى ماشر وينكم اليووووووووووم

    نطرتكم ساعه الا ربع وماشفت احد


  8. Thuraya says:

    Bo waleed….
    call me and then i will be with u…
    that’s me …

  9. Ok Thuraya but When do you want to walk ?

  10. Thuraya says:

    If there is no certain time for the walk…..
    i’d prefer 2 walk after fotor…..

  11. Carol-ann Murray says:

    Any idea when the next gathering will be? I’m new in Kuwait, only about a month here and would love to get out and meet some new people, oh, and get some much needed exercise!

  12. Loca in Kuwait says:

    Hi All:

    Any Idea when the next walk will be?

  13. عبدالعزيز says:


  14. عبدالعزيز says:

    hi all happy eeeiiid aziz

  15. تسلم اخوي عبدالعزيز

    علينا وعليك ان شاء الله


  16. Thuraya says:

    To every member of this big family….
    i will say….
    ” 3edkom embark ” Oooo ” kl 3am oo el gmee3 enshala eb5eer ” …..
    Oooo enshala yn3ad 3lekom….
    that’s me….

  17. عبدالعزيز says:

    3lena 3leech thooth

  18. 3lena 3leech thoOotha 🙂

  19. Thuraya says:

    Hellooo everybody ….
    ” any new idea about a 6k walk ? ” ….
    thoOotha is asking…

  20. للأسف مادري وينهم لاحس ولا خبر


  21. عبدالعزيز says:

    هلا شباب شلونكم مشتاق لكم كلكم اولا جاسم وابو وليد والاخت مني ولكم كلكم بس تصدقوون حرام علي هل الجوو الحلووو مانمشي مو عشان شي حتي نطلع وناسه قرووب جذي حتي لو كنا متان عادي بس نمشي ولا شرايكم انا هذا رايي والراي لكم يا احلا شباب وبنات
    متي نرجع مثل اول

  22. هلا وغلا اخوي عبدالعزيز

    صح كلامك والله يالغالي مادري وينهم وليش هالغيبه ؟؟

    على العموم هذا رقمي واي شي تامر عليه او ودك نمشي مع بعض انا حاضر 97414174 اخوك خالد

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