32 Degrees & Counting

At around 6 pm i decided to go walking in Mishref in hopes of getting my foot back into shape, Miami injury hasn’t gone away still, and to kill time whilst off course loosing some weight. It seems like the weather may be cooling off and i look forward to the weekend drive with the windows down and the sound of the exhausts like music to my ears.

I can’t put my hands on weather i do or do not like riding a bike, i know a Vespa is hardly a “bike” but the feeling is great at times and really scary at other times. Especially when the old lady, offcourse met7ajba, in the green maxima decided to treat me on my 125cc Vespa like i was a Hummer and was literally going to crash her Japanese automobile into me.

It’s getting boring again, life’s filled with the same old routine minus the random phone call from friends. It’s 9ish i’m tired, bored, don’t want to do the same stuff again, i think i’ll resort to sleep and look forward to the place where i truly find happiness here in K-Town, the trading desk at NBK Capital. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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One Response to 32 Degrees & Counting

  1. Fatma says:

    I know what you mean when you say boring… (especially in K-Town) but it’s all from your own perspective. Just scratch the word boring from your mind & you’ll be fine.

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