The funny thing is that i never believed in superstition however lately i am beginning to see some strong correlation between the watch I’m wearing and the kind of day I’m having. So i decided to test it out, yesterday i wore one my favorite watches which was alright, the day went well it wasn’t all that good but it was bearable. The day before that i had worn a new watch, and the day was literally SHIT! so i decided to go back o basics, the watch i wore for the longest run of happy faces and good fortunes, i guess the real test is tomorrow if this thing works or is a total fluke.

Have you watched Wall Street 2? what did you think?
Personally i think the first version was 1,000 times better. I guess in all of the sequels every made it’s true that the first is always the best, off course except for the legendary movie The God Father which in my, and many friends’, opinions the second one was way better than the first.


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3 Responses to Superstition

  1. A/Z says:

    hehehe there is no link between your happiness and the watch you got. you don’t have to try to believe what I’m saying, you are educated man so you must know this things doesn’t exist . what about who doesn’t wear watch ?! he will be happy or sad ? having good day or bad? :]

    About the movie it is amazing but if you really understand it, in my point of view it’s talking about Darwin theory but in economical way .

    I didn’t see the first one but I think I’ll search for the torrent


  2. Fatma says:

    Actually I’m pretty superstitious!!! I think there’s a lot of connection between numbers & my luck during the day! (I practice Feng-Shui and believe in Karma a LOT).

    As for the movies… not my area :p

  3. D says:

    Dear Mr. Jassim,

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