Ella Fund

So far USD, 2,884.0369 raised ! thank you so so much everyone.

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Ella Fund

I have decided to match every single KD in donation upto a certain amount …. So far we have raised 102 KD thanks to the generosity of everyone.

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Ella Fund

Doctor expesnses can’t get really out of control, i would like to ask you all to find it in your heart to help Celine and Lyndon in their fight to save their daughter Ella fight this cancer and hopefully it never shows up again. If you would like to make a donation just let me know i’ll take it from you and wire it all them .. thanks alot.

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Fat Suit

I am travelling in a few hours to Dubai, i’m spending exactly 11 hours and coming back to wonderful Kuwait (who am i kidding). Anyways between meetings with clients and an interview i really want to look my best, even though self confidence has reached an all time low.

I went to my closet to pick out a suit from the few that i have managed to purchase and never wear over the years. none fit. So i had to rush today to the Avenues to get one. I headed strait to Boggi and got myself a nice three button single breasted suit, navy with a very thin pin stripe, almost invisible. I then rushed to the tailor, who happens to be on the houses payroll since mom spends more hours explaining to the guy how to design the next dress or whatever than speaking to any of her friends, who cut the pants and gave them a half an incher of extra space so i can actually breathe.

I am happy to tell the world that i’m a size 37 (which is funny because 38 was too damn big and 36 was snugg), from my usual very comfortable 36 size. I’m now down 1 Kilo from what i have wrote earlier, Dubai’s trip over the weekend (few days ago) with Calvin set me back a few calories, offcourse i had to pull the “were on vacation F it” to kind of feel unguilty whenever we had a bite here or there.

The weather seems not to be on my side too, not for running in Mishref i would collapse of asthma attack in 2 seconds should i try, and flying in this weather is going to make me RIDICULOUSLY nervous.

ala yaster. Bon Voyage for Me 😀

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Shabby Chique Boutique

You are cordially invited to join Noor Jafar and Danna Jawhar in Karisma at The Art House of Hamed Al Saab and Ali Sultan to be the first to get a glance at the Shabby Chique exclusive collection. Showcasing of items will include pashmina wear, exclusive Tantra t-shirts, exquisite sterling silver bracelets and so much more.

Join us on Thursday at 5 p.m. for the opening, also Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. then again at 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Telephone: 2461249

Location:Karizma, opposite to Amiri Hospital

Website: www.shabbychiqueboutique.com (coming soon)

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De Ja Vu

As i stepped foot onto the road i can slowly feel the weight crushing down my bones and on my knees and what seemed to be a light and quick run at 8:00 turned into a memory of four years ago, this time however I had tasted the joy of being Light.

I ran yesterday for the first time in months, in Mishref. The weather was gorgeous and the music was great and i did run believe it or not, made it all the way around, 8 Kilos in total. I still have my strenght but now it takes a whole lot of effort. I’m heavy, I get tired very quickly, and I wish I didn’t have it all let go.

I weighed for the first time, I won’t share my weight, although i will say that from my absolute low i’m 8 Kilos heavy, i would like to be down lighter by 6 however, i think 8 makes me look real skinny and it just doesn’t match my structure.

So this is it i guess, i’m on a mission again, to loose 6 … it’s 5:38 p.m. and already i can’t wait till it’s 8:00 so i can head out and go for a nice run.

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Ella – Update

My friend Elliot called me yesterday to tell me some good news, Ella is in good spirits. The doctors have already made up their minds on what’s the best treatment to go through with. Celine gave birth to a lovely girl and they named her Maya! I can’t wait to see little adorable Maya!

Celine & Lyndon, we all are praying for your baby Ella … don’t worry she is in good hands and our best wishes and prayers go out for “my ella”


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