The Real Story

I decided to tell it all, the whole story not just a quick summary with every feeling emotion and experience. I’m giving you all a chance to look into my soul so that hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes that I have once made.


Part 1 – before.

I’m sure a lot of people know this by now that I was always a very overweight person. During my high school years I didn’t do well in school. I was a bully. I was mean. I’m definitely sure I wasn’t loved or liked. The real reason was, is that I was fat and really unhappy and my cure for that was to latch onto the strong and dominant crowd, whom by nature were bullies and mean people.

I remember the times I had to go shop for high school pants; they had to be blue, not jeans but blue pants. At that point I was pushing a waist of at least 40 inches and to find anything that size was basically impossible. I remember one time I had to buy these shiny blue pants, they looked horrible,but they were my only option, the only ones I could find in my size. I would walk to school so fast and usually sat down during those times, I had to also tuck in my shirt which to me was like someone stabbing me in the heart I hated every minute of it, I usually hid in my dishdasha’s or worse my baggy and comfortable jeans but those pants exposed me to everyone and that hurt me a lot. My self esteem couldn’t be lower, I shaved my head at that time to immolate a sense of strength and power and to be basically one of the boys, the bad bad boys.

My mom, god bless her and she has to be one of the most amazing people on this planet, shops in Italy quiet often. My mom for her entire life, worked out, a matter of a fact my mom to this day, mashalah, works out at least 4 hours a day. With a workoutaholic for a mom, she was always willing to do whatever it took for me to lose weight, and I never succeeded. I remember those Italy trips when she used to walk into the house with bags after bags filled with top designer clothes that I so wanted to wear. Not for the name, I was never big into the whole “Kuwaiti” flash the brand thing, I loved fashion. My mom would open these bags and hand my sisters one gown after another, one shirt, shoe, bag everything you name it. I would sit on the side and watch, if I was lucky she would throw my way a t-shirt, maybe from gap. I remember when she used to answer my shouts of “mama where is my stuff why do they get 100 pieces and I only get 1” mom would reply “habeeebi jasem lose weight and I will get you everything, the designers don’t make big sizes what do you want me to do”

That would kill me, I would always go to my room and cry my brains out. I would curl up into my bed, and sleep. Sometimes I would sneak out and buy a Hardees or McDonalds meal because eating made me feel good. I was addicted.

In high school I did not improve on my grades even though I worked hard very hard. I guess my lack of self confidence and esteem didn’t help my grades. I was lucky to have a dad who believed in education and in me more than anything else. At 18 I packed my bags and headed to Arizona all alone. Arizona was to become my home for the next 6 years of my life.

College is an interesting part of everyone’s life. Mine, as I look at it today from a new and different Jasem, were boring and I wish I could do it all over again. Living alone and having the freedom of eating out and choosing any place to eat in, the choices of junk and fast foods and the choices of quick yummy microwavable foods make it all the better, I was in heaven. I gained a lot of weight , and by a lot I mean a lot. I reached my all time high of 335 lbs, which is about, give or take, 145 kgs. At that point I began to hate myself. I began to really hate myself.

My waist size was longer in anyone’s range, the only place that had my size was the big and tall stores and I refused to buy clothes from there. I felt that the only people that went there were losers, if I only were real and looked at the mirror I probably would have thought that I was a looser too. I was nuts basically, or I went nuts is a better thing to say. I used to purchase jeans fabric and custom make my own jeans, even my shirts, I use to custom make them.  I remember this one time I bought some linen fabric because I loved the way it just wrinkled up and looked so good on guys with good bodies. I custom made it to look like a qurta which is the Indian looking shirt that sometimes you see at Indian movies. I loved that shirt I felt that It made me feel and look good. I later found out that it would be the key to my journey.

My key to feel good in college was to show off as much as I can. I no longer was a mean bully like I was in high school I was the rich Kuwaiti kid in class. I started to shop like there was no tomorrow, buying tons of gadgets, car accessories and had field trips to Louis Vuitton. I had a class once in college and there was a girl that I thought was cute & nice. I normally sat next to her and we used to talk every once in a while but I never felt like there was a connection. She basically did not give me the time of day. I remember buying two Louis Vuitton bags just so that she might be impressed with my cash, I was an idiot, she only thought I was one and the class ended

I had to put myself to sleep a lot with tears flowing down my cheeks, I normally went into the shower and never looked at myself. I hated mirrors, I really hated mirrors and by then I was hitting rock bottom.

One day in college I was walking and ….



Part 2 – During

One day in college I was walking and I was hating myself, I mean really hating myself. It was hot and sticky, I was wearing my custom made jeans and my qurta shirt. I was sweating, I was hot, the gel from my hair was melting, my thighs where rubbing together and I wanted to vanish, I really did. I remember walking down college path with tall California palm trees high on each side, it was to everyone out there, a perfect day. In front of me were these two people that I can only see from far. The guy had the body of an athlete he was a jock, wearing a tank top and shorts, his hair was naturally made, and I thought to myself why can’t I be that. His girlfriend was the hottest thing alive, she had a body to die for, blonde, tanned and fit, gorgeous as ever they walked down so comfortable in their own skin and here I was ready to rip myself to pieces. I ditched class, walked fast to my car and broke down in tears. I sat there thinking to myself is this it, is this how I want to live for the rest of my life?

I started to drive aimlessly towards, nowhere. In front of me I see the place where I would call my second home, Bally’s Total Fitness gym. I walked in and asked to see the manager, we talked for a few minutes before he started to sell me the idea of buying a membership which I took with personal training for 10 sessions, the price was high, I think in the 700’s. I had to call my dad and ask for money, I didn’t have it at that point. I remember calling my dad and beginning to tell him how I really wanted to lose weight and that I never wanted to be fat again, he at first was hesitant thinking that I was just pulling one of my moves. I normally went on diets and joined gym’s but with no affect. He agreed, wired the money, and I took the summer off.

At that point in my life I was very lonely, I really was. I didn’t have friends and I mean it, I had at that time a falling out with all my Kuwaiti friends there in Arizona,  and I literally was all alone. I remember once just falling apart on the phone telling my mom that I was so lonely and that I had no one, and if god forbid I was to die in my sleep no one would know about me. I was a mess.

I decided to read a lot about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles which will guide me through my journey. I purchased my first grill from Wal-Mart for 14.99 a small single portion grill, with two bags of coal. I also picked up some matches and bbq fluid.

My first day was very very hard. I left the house late at night so that people would not see me while I ran down the street. I thought that it would make people pick on me and laugh at me. I took my first step and quickly realized that I was not going to run. My knees were about to buckle. I was in so much pain. I slowly began to run and walk, I would run two steps and walk 100.

My schedule later progressed to this regiment, I would wake up very early in the morning around 6 or 7, go for a run about 3 miles (approximately 5 kilometers) and come home. I would shower and relax while I had breakfast. Then I would head to the gym where I had training with my friend Scott Bird, someone who if I am able to track down one day I would not know how to thank. We would do some cardio along with circuit training and some weight lifting. Then I would work on some cardiovascular activities for one hour and head home.

At home I relaxed, watched a movie or TV. and had lunch, my grilled chicken with a nice salad. I would by then basically relax till about 7 or 8 at night before I went for my final run, again for 3 miles.

Life was boring and it was a challenge, it was hard and lonely, but I was determined and very disciplined. I did not phase for a bit, I never ever went off course and I always worked out more and never less.

While I was slowly loosing the weight I had to constantly reduce the size of my cloths, I would re-size them and never buy new ones because I knew I would one day reach my lowest and then it would be my day.

Well that day came, I was a size 34 (from a 46) I was down to 195 lbs (from 335 lbs), I got in my car and had 4 months of saved up money about 20,000 U.S. dollars headed to my dream town, the place where I envied everyone who walked in, the place I would spend many hard earned (papa’s) money, Neiman Marcus.

I opened the door and could smell the fresh clean air blowing in my face, I could see the racks of cloths, the people the glitz and the men’s section. Headed towards who would later become a personal shopper for me and a friend, Gorge (Hoar-hay pronounced, he was Mexican) 

Hello I said …

He said Hi my name is Gorge, how may I help you?

I said …


Part 3 : After

I said

Today Gorge is the luckiest day of your life, I want everything, every shirt, every pair of jeans, every shoe I want it all. I walked out of Neiman Marcus that day down 21,000 dollars and a huge HUGE smile on my face.

By then I was a different jasem, an entrepreneur, I owned a business, a small online business but it was mine and I was proud. I was confident I did well in school 4.0 gpa’s five semesters in a row. I made it to Top finance student and was granted the only seat as an intern at GE Capital where I would then be offered another one at Genworth. I was kicking butt. Happy as ever, confident as ever but I had one vice, I shopped and purchased everything I can fit in I had a disease.

I guess not being able to buy and shop like everyone else made me go on this huge rush to purchase every new shirt, new jeans, new shoes, thinking about it now if I could go back I wouldn’t have done it that way but hey life is all about experiences and that was just one of them.

I later moved back to Kuwait not because I wanted too but because I had too. I have nothing bad to say about moving back here, I just wanted to work more in the states and get more exposure and experiences. Moving back here depressed me for a few months, I was away from my element, I lived at home WHICH I HATE WITH ALL MY HEART, I love my freedom and my privacy and I can’t stand it being at home. I started to pack on the weight slowly gaining pound after pound. Until one day I looked in the mirror and realized that I was headed for disaster. I need to change everything, I need to get out of this habit of calling downstairs for coffee or water that I can get myself, I needed to work out more and eat healthier I needed to get myself down to the kitchen and have a chat with our cook to make sure from now on everything that is cooked for me, has no bad oils, has no extra salt, has no added sugar, has no cream or butter, I was to change my Kuwaiti life that I know to a new healthy and clean one.

Every day I got in my car and drove down to mishref where I ran for 6 kilometers. I would see friends running together and really wanted to be like them or join them. During college I lost touch with a lot of my friends and when I moved back things were not the same and so I was here again, at the same place, basically friendless.

While I was running one day I decided to set up a private club of people that enjoy working out, running or walking. I started to toy a lot with the names and I came up with some really funky ones but as I was brain storming I remember crossing the 3 kilometers mark in mishref walkway and it was my six-kilometer mark (my way back to the car). I loved the name I thought it had a nice ring to it and it meant something to me.

Facebook is where Calvin, one of the nicest and kindest people I’ve got to know and my very close friend, and I started the Six-K Club, a place where I believed people would come to meet friends, work out, get inspired and change their lives. It would slowly grow to be the place where Sarah, Farah, Yousef, Mohammed, Saud, and so many people lose some pounds and make lasting friendships (ali, fawaz, abdulrazzag) the list of wonderful stories can be told without a stop in sight.

We now are a private club, operated through the web at  with more than 800 members and going strong, well let me tell you about now …

Part 4: Now


Right now I’m happy, confident, successful at what I do, I’m sitting at Marina looking at people walk and I’m happier and more confident than ever. My life has been very interesting so far and I’m only 26 years old, there is a lot for me out there and I hope that I have touched someone with this story. They say that every weight loss story has a start and yours can start at Six-K, well that is very true, but whats more real is that there is always a champion inside each and every one of you dying to come out, don’t ever be scared to let him/her out and show the world what your really made off. Alpacino once said that the right way is always the hard way, well it takes guts and will to do things right, I believe that you all can do marvelous things. I believe that you are capable of things far beyond your comprehension, but you have to fight, and you have to believe. The day you stop believing is the day we all die, dream & believe my friends and one day things might just work out for you!

I love you all, you all have and will continue to inspire me to no ends. Thank you for everything.




63 Responses to The Real Story

  1. H. says:

    After reading your story it is I who can’t wait to meet you in person and shake your hand.

  2. ananyah says:

    I wish I had much motivation and determination!

    One Question tho: because of your weight before, and now… didn’t you find excess skin a problem?

  3. i do have excess skin i’m not going to lie, that’s why i am at the gym 4 days a week spending atleast 1 hour at the weight room going nuts! it helps but doesn’t solve the problem, i wish i had enough _____ to go ahead and get surgery, but i love myself too much to have scars all over 😉 so what thell hell i guesss i’ll have to live with it, it’s not as bad though just some loose skin in the stomach area 😀

  4. ananyah says:

    yah a7san… id be scared too!

  5. Babydoll says:

    hey there… i would say “WAAW” thats all. very impressing story. i need some motivation too hehe… btw i sent you an email to register but no replies yet…. still waitingggggg!

  6. jewaira says:

    You are such an inspiration and I just love your motivation and your persistence.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

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  8. Babydoll: Your registered girl.

    Jewaira: Thanks a million for the kind words and the post 🙂

  9. yara4ever says:

    It would be an honor to shake your hand 🙂

  10. yara4ever: Thanks a gazillion !

  11. Bader S. says:

    رائع ياجاسم ..
    اسمحلي اكسر القاعدة، واكتب بالعربي 🙂
    ولو إني افضل تترجم قصتك باللغة العربية، ليتعلم منها الجميع ..
    بس ممكن اعرف ووزنك قبل الرجيم ؟ لأني حاس انك نفس وزني (سابقاً) ..
    انا سويت رجيم .. كان وزني 152 كيلو .. وصـــار بفترة ست شهور 105 الى 110 كيلو !!
    وان شاء الله بالمرحلة الثانية ناوي اخسر 20 الى 25 كيلو 🙂
    لأن لقـيت أحد اتحــداه … الا وهو إنت 🙂

  12. Bader : i was 330 pounds i dont know how you could convert that into KGs, but i’m sure google would help you out. Keep up the good work !

  13. mosan says:

    I’m a person how does sport nearly everyday, I know how hard to get your ass going. We always tend to forget how great one feels after sports. I admire the fact that you didn’t on your with out support, that was very touching. The discipline you showed is amazing ..cheers to you and keep it up.

  14. Mosan: Thanks ! it means alot.

  15. mosan says:

    (revised) I’m a person who does sport nearly everyday, I know how hard to get your ass going. We always tend to forget how great one feels after sports. I admire the fact that you did it your own with out support, that was very touching. The discipline you showed is amazing ..cheers to you and keep it up.

  16. Mosan: (revised) Thanks! it means alot, alot.

  17. Noura Ahmed says:

    Pretty amazing and ur INSPIRATION to many !! GR8 work jassem !!

  18. asmaa says:

    wow.. so proud of you..
    mashallah 3eny 3leik barda
    keep it up 😉

  19. asmaa: Thanks walla ! tislamli 3yoonich.

  20. Fawaz says:

    Great work! and congratulations 🙂
    You’re an inspiration to us all!
    hope to meet you soon inshallah…

  21. Fawaz: Thank you my friend.

  22. Hope says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this story with us. I happen to have a brother who unfortunately is using other ways of losing weight that are harmful and I don’t know how to stop him. I wil share your story with him, maybe your story will be the one he listens to.

  23. Hope: I Hope he listens. We’ll all here to help !

  24. Alia says:

    It’s an amazing story, mainly because I was able to relate to every word said here, every feeling and breath behind it.


    Wish I lived in Kuwait to be part of this. One of the ‘endless’ excuses I claim for lagging behind in my weight battle is the lack of a support network.

    What would it take to extend 6-K beyond Kuwait? Say.. to Dubai?

    Your picture just said it all – the thought of a similar transformation in my face/body made my heart ponder in hope.

    Thanks for sharing and for the great jumpstart here! All the best!

  25. Alia: Thank you thank you thank you for all the kind words. I would love for the 6-k to go everywhere but we’ll do it with “baby-steps” .. i plan to run wearing the t-shirt everytime i travel and taking pics maybe we could do a Dubai run get as many people interested in Dubai and go for a run. All i can say is “skies the limit”

  26. the minstry of health should take advatge of your story and effort and hire you as their spokeperson for people with weight probloms ,you will be the right man for the right mission ,and it should be named that was then this is now

    Neil: Ministry of Health? 🙂 no comment.

  27. FAJER.B says:

    mashalla 3alek ya bu m7amad walla GOOD JOB!! mashalla mashalla walla ana ahaneek 3ala hal enjaz 9ara7a;>

    FAJER.B: Thanks 😉

  28. Marianne says:

    Wow…….great job, you should be so proud, and you look HOT. Mashalla!!! 🙂

    Marianne: Thanks !! 😉

  29. Maha says:

    Jasem …Mashallah this is very inpiring. I hope the word spreads and you become an inspiration to all the young men and women to be in shape.

    FYI: 330 lbs is 150Kg (1lb=0.4545 Kg or 1Kg-2.2 Lbs)

    Maha: Thanks babe! Said like a true accountant 😛

  30. Rami says:

    Sup BoJooj ..

    I’m so glad to see that your dream had come true .. I remember when you told me how you wanted to prove it to your self so others can believe you and follow …
    you’ve always been a class act guy and this club here just shows it more and more ..
    the best of luck to you my brother ..
    I hope to see you soon

    Rami: Thanks buddy, walla it’s been a while since we last talked let alone played trix till 2 in the morning and contemplating dtiches class. We should meet up soon i agree. Thanks for the kind words my man 😀

  31. Al-Obaidly says:

    amazing man 🙂 keep going….

    Al-Obaidly: thanks my friend.

  32. f6om says:

    wow … thanks

  33. Fares Aimaond says:

    thats amazing ,am following a diet from 3 months ago and lost 20 kgs but what is it that i have to do to continue walking and going to the gym these days i just dont feel like it man plz help

    replied to your email 😉

  34. monany says:

    hi jasem…
    wooooooooow it`s my comment
    keep up my brother

  35. Amethyst says:

    Jasem, stop thanking people and thank yourself 🙂

  36. Dakdoka says:

    Well Done :~)

    what amazing jop !!

  37. Dana D. says:

    I impressively greet, let me see your great accomplish ! 😀 I’m really so impressed and i tried many diets but all with no results and i eventually gain more weight than what i originally had ! But u know in America it’s easiier to sign up in gyms they’re everywhere where as in Kuwait the good gyms are limited :)! Also there u can walk on streets because everyone walks but in Kuwait with this weather its harder to walk at any time u must wait until the sunsets and then its too dark ! But i also believe if someone wants to accomplish something he would, no matter what and that’s what you did ;)!
    I Like the way u gave up ur summer to do this 🙂 Cuz loosing weight must start from inner satisfaction and love to our bodies to motivate us in keeping them healthy :)!

    Keep up ur Great work and im really proud with the way u posted ur story with such details ur not only strong but also brave:)!

  38. انا الصرااااحه ودي اشترك معاكم وانا وزني 90 كيلو واتمنى انكم اتردون علي ابسرعه ليأني ودي اشترك ابسرعه و مشكور

    Please follow the “join us” instructions. thanks monira.

  39. farah naif says:

    e9ra7a 3jbtni fkrtk waid o wdi ashark bs mmkn etqo0oli shlo0on?

    farah please take a look at our join us page and you need to follow the instructions provided, thanks alot 😀

  40. honeymoon says:

    بصراحة قصتك وايد عجيبة واكيد بتكون مصدر قوي للتحدي لأصحاب الأوزان الزائدة اللي مثلي – والله يتمم عليك بالصحة والعافية أول شي ويساعدك ثاني شي علشان توصل للي تتمناه – وآنا معاك لا تفكر بالعمليات لأن نجاحها مو مضمون وضررها أكثر من منفعتها والأعمار بيد الله سبحانه .
    keep going to reach your goal.

    Thanks alot i really appreciate it.

  41. Abdalhmeed says:

    انا واحد طول عمري متين وكل ما اسوي رجيم افله وارد ازيد من اول يعني الزبده ماكو اراده
    بس بقصتك انشالله اضعف ولو اني حاس اني ماراح اضعف بس انشالله والله يوفك يا جاسم والفال لنا

    Never stop believing, never & one day you WILL get there.

  42. Hanaa says:

    Thankssssssssss 4 u

    I wanna thank u . I would like to join you .

    But Iam wearing ” Negab ” That means Iam covering my face . What should I do ?

    makes it easier to take pictures 😛 … your more than welcome, please follow the instructions on “join us” page. thanks hanaa

  43. shahad says:

    hello bro
    i read about me ,my story in the firt two parts of your journey
    most of peaople doesn’t understand that being overwieghted doesn’t mean that the person is ugly, fat or can’t fit in designers clothes, but the overwieght is lack of confidance,it’s loosing a battle a realy controlling battle but we don’t notice the the battle has a final run!

    i am you in the 1 and 2 part with different circumnstances
    and i really hope to be you in the last 2 parts

    i really smiled when i read
    ‘Today Gorge is the luckiest day of your life, I want everything, every shirt, every pair of jeans, every shoe I want it all. I walked out of Neiman Marcus that day down 21,000 dollars and a huge HUGE smile on my face.’

    i read a dozen stories about loosing weight
    but there was no spark to start
    til now!

    tears are the start.. i will wait for them but hope they would be joy tears!

    you lost a big weight with ups a downs
    what i need is to loose approximately 8 to 10 kilos to make my body fit my real me
    to make shahad the same out side and inside

    thanx jassim
    i can’t join your team physicaly , but i will consider my self a member starting of this moment!

    Thank you for the kind words !

  44. delo says:

    i really dont know what to say , ! ur story edel 3ala Shaja3tek ! coz im a girl about 17 yrs old ! and im fat REALY FAT ! w jarabt ALL KINDS of diteing in THE WORld w i have this brother kan same my weight ! w gedar 3ala nafsa w tha3af! w elkil eygol lesh ma etshofena w etsawen the same ! bs there is sumthing in me ! maybe u felt it 2 ! enah i CAN`T DO IT ! i maybe not that happy with my look! but i dont know why i cant do it ! like u said “They say that every weight loss story has a start” <– maybe my start didn`t happend yet ?

    don’t worry if there’s a will, there’s a way.

  45. Aisha.m. says:

    اول شي ماشالله والله يتمم عليك انت سويت الي طول عمري اتمني اسويه وكل مره ابتدي فيه وافشل وارد ابتدي من الصفر بس من اليوم ومن قريت قصتك عرفت انه صج ماكو شي اسمه مستحيل وماكو شي اسمه الوقت فات انا شاركت معاكم وانشالله ببتدي امشي وبحاول استمر ليما اوصل للوزن اللي يرضيني
    واهم من هذا كله ودي استفيد من تجربتك واتمني الاقي معاكم الدعم والتشجيع الي يخليني استمر
    عندي حجي وايد واسئله وايد انشالله اعرف اجابتها لما اشوفك
    ومشكور من هني ليه القمر ماتوفيك حقك 🙂

  46. MONA Al-Qenaie says:

    I like your fantastic Idea

    >> Stop & Utern

    I’ll Keep it in front of my new life treatment

  47. هادى says:

    مرحبا انا عضو يديد وياكم بس حبيت استفسر ممكن احد يعلمنى اذا حبيتو تتمشون مع القروب فى اى وقت واى ساعه وشكرا

  48. Sara Al Radan says:

    This is the most inspirational weight loss story ever 9ij, and trust me i’ve heard alot..
    you once said ena even if one person is affected from this then you will be proud, so jassem u truly have affected me and i hope one day i will be able to join a couch potatoe lol but started dieting 2 weeks ago and lost 7kg so far but i want to maintain the weight i will lose soon so i wana try and go through with the walking routine.
    Thank you so much and i got alotta respect for you.

  49. strawberry says:

    330 pounds = 149.6 kilogrammes

  50. fahad says:

    hello mate ,, just wanna tell you that im living the same thing you had , im now in my second month of my hard work , strating with 286 lbs and im now 231 i started at 10,2,2008 ,, i really need the support , im only 18 . and you just inspired me to continue my lovely journey that i will never forget it .. just to remind you i was 130 kgs and now im 105 kgs and i lost my first 25 kgs in 1 month and 25 days .

    i hope you contact me if you want to support me 🙂

  51. Lulu says:

    Wow! Mashalla, your story is such an inspiration to alot of people, at least to me it is!
    Im proud of you though I don’t even know you!
    If I lost my 25 excess kilos during the next few months (Inshalla), your story would be one of the major things that gave me a push ahead, Thanks alot!

  52. PinkMoon says:

    i liked your story and your courage to share your experience when you hit the bottom of your life and what you felt back then.
    after i read your story i want to share my story with you all members
    in the 6-k club.
    you can’t reach the top unless you hit the bottom.
    i was very thin all my life until age 16 when i started
    gaining weight i reached my highest weight ( 78kg and i’m only 156cm
    this was a lot for me ) i tried chemical diet and i lost 11kg in few
    months then i couldn’t lose any more.
    when i went to college in 1997 i tried the Hollywood diet and i
    reached 60kg but still i didn’t like my weight.
    and one day after a big fight with my family, i secretly
    over heard my mother and sister talked badly about the way i looked
    because of my weight and my body shape. i cried a lot that night i
    wished that i will die and i didn’t eat for 3 days only drinking
    water then on the third day i was laying on bed thinking why
    i’m punishing myself and for what ?? every time i tried to lose
    weight i did it for the wrong reasons i always did it for
    wedding party or if someone called me fat.
    so 26/6/2006 i decided No more yo yo diet and never give up again on
    losing weight i will do a long term diet and i’ll reach my goal and
    keep it for all my life.and this time i will do it For the right reasons
    for me for my own health improvement and my self esteem , so i
    jumped out of my bed and Started. i searched for cardio exercise tape i
    have it but never tried it because it’s so hard to do and planed my
    strategy for the weight lose and write my shopping list and started the
    very next day.
    in 26/6/2007 my weight was 50kg and from that day i struggled from 50 to 55 kilos
    and today my mission is to maintain my weight to 50kg and this is the toughest

  53. Shaikha says:

    good job, no i am GREAT !!!

    i am proud that there is a guy like you in Kuwait

    I hope Kuwaiti guys be like you, not only in the weighting loss issue but also have the ability to achive what they desired

    JaSsiM, congratulation for your new born !

  54. Aliya says:

    motive is everthing
    i’m inspired by ur story , and let me say u r a person with strong determination
    keep it up with everthing in ur life

  55. Eman says:

    amazing story 🙂
    mashalla 3alek

  56. Elberk says:

    well said .. so motivated right now .. i wanna join

  57. Hamad Jasem says:

    Salam Jasem,

  58. Hamad Jasem says:

    Salam Jasem,
    Just wanted to say congrats and that life sometimes derails our well laid plans. The thing I am sure you realize is to get back on the wagon. I always find it funny how all weightless stories carry a general outline to be successful. self motivation , self realization, knowledge and implementation. What most lack is well laid out sustainability. Much easier said than done considering what life and our fragile Psyches constantly throw at us.

    On a final note, and for all who see people doing it and cant
    i say this, I was and still am a chocoholic. learned to deal with it my own way. I eat when am depressed or worried. handled it. My point is work with your vices to live comfortably. Not ya 7arak ya barak … gradual transition into a lifestyle is a key to some people.

    2002 a 10 minute walk hurts my joints
    2008 run 5k daily at 10-12.5, add interval Hitt training at 7/18

    Nike plus is a godsend, try it if you haven’t ….nice record keeper. Nothing motivates me more than when i crush my own records.

    Keep us posted … would love a group run.

    About me :
    2002 Started 125 kg …. flabby start
    2005 67 kg ….couldn’t stop …turned to skinny fat person
    2008 75 kg started shaping up with strength training ..

    2009 target
    my target is 75-78 with 13% fat.
    run my fastest 5 K ever.
    join a half marathon

  59. cooookiez says:

    Your story was very inspiring..
    More people should have a chance to read this !
    For what it matters, you make alot of people proud !

    biltawfeej nshallah =)

  60. dana says:

    i don’t know what to say !!
    it’s realy a good job 🙂
    i’m realy happy for you
    i hope to U a very happy & successful life
    because you are such a great boy & you are full of desire
    at end “الله يوفقك ان شاء الله بحياتك كلها ” 🙂 🙂

  61. Amal says:

    im joining yaa jassoom … and thank you for telling me about it 🙂


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