About The Six-K Club

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For my entire life, I've struggled with my weight, until finally one day I decided to do something about it. Since then, it's been my mission to lose weight and be healthy. I ran a minimum of 3 miles a day and lost 100 plus pounds. Running became my best friend. Throughout this personal challenge, I had a vision. I wanted to create an environment where people can meet, network, talk, and have a good workout. I wanted to use my story and challenges to get through to others.

I created the Six-K Club, as a tool to inspire other people in similar situations. People on a diet, people planning to go on a diet, people who are just into running, people who like taking long walks and sweating a little, people who are young, old, men & women, local and foreign. The Six-K Club is a place were everyone can come together for the purpose of changing their lifestyle, and motivating the rest to do the same.

This is a place where no one is skinny, no one is fat, no one is cute and no one is ugly, we are just getting together to have a good time and sweat a little while we're doing it.

The Six-K Club is totally free! Just come and join us and have fun! T-shirts, Stickers, Water Bottles are always on us, all you have to bring is yourself, a friend if you like of maybe an iPod.

Hope to see you here soon.

Before - After

Jasem Al Zeraei

The Six-K Club Creator


73 Responses to About The Six-K Club

  1. Helen says:

    Im so proud of you for making this happen in kuwait and for making it work! it will be worldwide one day i know it! Once again, good Job your the best, you know that :*

  2. Helen:

    thanks babe you rock!! you’ll get your t-shirts soon.

  3. Moey says:

    nice.. I’ll make sure to join once I get back to Kuwait.

  4. Sarah Y. says:

    jasem nice job !!! we love u !!

  5. TAT says:

    Ive known about you guys for a while but never actually got the courage to go to any runs. But some of the guys that go gave me positive feedback so hopefully I’ll be able to make it from now on 🙂
    Keep it up ^^

  6. TAT:

    I hope you can make it .. it’s alot of fun !


    You do that, where you at?

  7. Maze says:

    Khallas i’m sooooo eager to come….am full of energy…:)

  8. MSB says:

    the best thing for people who want to get started down this road is to have company and support.. this is a great idea.. if i were in kuwait, i woulda joined u guys! :/

  9. ananyah says:

    this is an amazing idea, and mabroook for losing all that weight! mashalla!

    if I was in q8 right now I would join u guys too! Oh well maybe in April I will 😀

  10. Inshalla you will 😀

  11. For some reason, you looked happier when you were overweight!
    I am not saying that what you did is not a good thing, it is great, keep it up.
    By the way, how can I join you this summer?

  12. Blue Ice Envy: Well, don’t worry about how i looked, i am telling you i hate those days and i ain’t going back 😛 … Just join, show up, it’s free! take look around our website, lots of info 😉 best of luck.

  13. well, man that’s a very new idea!!!
    well done and GO GO GO 6K
    wish you all the best

  14. Babydoll says:

    very glad to have such idea in kuwait!! someone is THINKING! :*
    i want a T-shirt 😦

  15. Hussain says:

    Tremendous idea!
    I salute you man!

    keep up the good work! Mowafaqeen inshallah!

  16. Babydoll: Thanks a million ! Come and join us, you’ll get a t-shirt 😛

    Hussain: Thanks man, much appreciated !!

  17. Fawaz Al Shammari says:

    Mashalla,my hat is off to you .. You’re the poster boy for Will Power and akeed you inspired other people.I know you’ve inspired me !
    Keep it up !

  18. Nouri says:

    hey man cool thing that you are doing
    when i can start to with you guyz ??

  19. Warda says:

    Great job and incentive to others.

    I wouldnt mind doing the same thing in Oman, but i think it would have to be gender segregated though the younger generation wouldnt mind as much

  20. Nouri: Register to our mailing list and show up ! its that easy.

    Warda: O-Man 😀

  21. Shimo says:

    Hello All Hello six-k Clup
    Its really new and amazing things to be able to lose this weight its a great idea 🙂
    u look soooooo diff after losing all this kilos i hope i can do that one day i think i will never be able to lose them even i need that really to be nice for my self and my husband 😉 any way keep on Good work i Registerd and am waiting for that meeting 🙂

  22. Shimo: Thank you 😀

  23. Warda says:

    Oh-man! is an understatement. 🙂

    Society or culture really gets in the way of anything remotely open-minded that the younger generation would like to do.

  24. Warda: a few “younger generation” with good minds get together and slowly we will change our world to be better, more accepting, understanding, truly diverse. Hopefully one day.

  25. Noura Ahmed says:

    mashallah 3alaik… God bless !! yalla get me a shirt oo bottle… I’M in 🙂

  26. Dalal says:


    Your the best !! trust me … you will really motivate all of us to start hitting the roads . i salute you and here is a cheer for you ( hip hip hooray )

  27. Dalal: ARTHAUS GALLEY please 😉 …

  28. stone says:

    liberals. 😮

  29. MG says:

    I noticed from the pics. that all members are young men and a few young women all below 25. Would it be awkward to have an above 35 non-national married working mom with 2 kids join you?……please be frank about it…it will take a lot of guts to be seen amongst such a hip looking group, being the odd looking one.

    MG: contrary to your belief, we are a wide mix of people we have the young 18 year old hip looking kid, and the older college professor, we’ve had men and women old and young and their pets too join us. Also, don’t forget that not all people like their pictures taken so don’t let the “posted” pictures decieve you, there’s alot more happening when the camera isn’t rolling. Hope to see you soon!

  30. Nick says:

    Hey Jassem –
    Great Motivation! At present am in Iraq putting on weight with all the Steaks and Beers, lemme get back to Downtown Kuwait I shall surely join you!

    In the meantime I shall enjoy a couple of more beers before the sweat work actually begins!

    Once again – great motivation factor!

    Nick: sounds great buddy, normally i would tell you to stay off the beer, but since i’m in Kuwait now all i’m gona say is 😀

  31. fahad says:

    thanx 6k club it was fun
    can’t wait 4 the next walk !

    Fahad: I’m glad you had fun! See you next time, inshalla 😀

  32. nazan says:

    you did good job…bravooooo

    nazan: thanks 🙂

  33. Dodo says:

    Good luck deyman

    Dodo: thank you !

  34. Bzza says:

    hey i really hope i could join .. i’d love to lead a healthy life style and its about time i got movin’ 🙂

    Bzza: you will join 😉 next time we announce a walk i look forward to meeting you there 😀

  35. Anwar(bo reem) says:

    Great Idea bro… 😉

    You always wanted to make a difference..i think you are now…you are inspiring alot of people…its is really nobel of you to dedicate part of your time to help others. God Bless! 🙂

    Cousin: Congratulation on the baby i have to come and see her soon, thank you for the kind words buddy!

  36. Khalid says:

    Today was the first time I join you guys after hearing a lot about you guys. Being someone who loves running but always too lazy to do so on a regular basis, joining you guys is probably the best thing to happen to my health.

    Keep it up guys!

    Khalid: Awesome, hope to see you soon.

  37. Maha Al Rashed says:

    im thinking of joining. any suggestions on how to go about doing that?

    Maha: you could start by sending me a blank email to the6kclub@gmail.com to get updated on when/where we are meeting and just show up 😉 it’s that simple.

  38. Sooli says:

    I wish I had heard of the club a year ago. I too decided in 2005 to loose weight and I gave myself a target. I used to workout 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. I used to ditch work and make up a phony meeting JUST to go to the gym. My body was still considered obese but I dropped 8 SIZES!!! and I looked amazing! Later I started getting back aches so I immediately made sure to work on my back before doing any exercises .. then one day I bent over to feed my grandmother and I couldn’t get back up. From them on I tried to get back in to the workout routine but it hurt sooooooooooooooo much … I’m talking EXCRUCIATING that I started hating myself and since then I’ve gained all my weight back PLUS!

    Turns out that I focused so hard of losing weight that my back muscles were so weak they couldn’t handle the pressure.

    My whole family is upset that I’ve gained all my weight back. Everytime I wanna get back on the wagon I immediately jump off. I love to walk. I do the same thing Jasem does which is walk from one town to another when the weather permits. I hope to be able to do that again soon. Good Luck Everyone and Have Fun!

    Sooli: Join us.

  39. ahmed al mashaan al khudair says:

    jasem! remember me? i was an intern at nbk in the summer in the asset managment division. how r u? how’s it going? wala ya36eekom alf 3afya 3ala this remarkabale thing that you’re doing it truly is fascinating! i wish i could join u but unfortunately i’m not in kuwait right now, just wanted to congratulate you and say hi to calvin 4 me ask him if he has any new movies hehehe keep it up!!

    ahmed: how’s life! are you in Beirut, we have to come visit you sometime! when’s school over? thanks for the kind words. Calvin says Hi back 😀

  40. ahmed al mashaan al khudair says:

    wala life is good, beirut is amazing o come visit anytime 7yakom allah but ill be graduating inshala in june so come before that hehe why don’t you organize a walk here as well it’ll be great!

    Ahmed: I just might.

  41. LooLoo (LL) says:

    Hey! Im so excited about this club! Finally! YUppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

    I wanna thank u Jasem, im so proud of u and its really a great idea! Nice work 😉

    LL: I, and the six-k club, wanna welcome you back and say thank you for the kind words 🙂

  42. xxdeemxx says:

    I’m impressed with what you’ve done!!! and surprise with that before and after look!! I mean you rock now….

    Keep it up,, its wonderful 🙂

    Wish I could join but……….

    xxdeemxx: why don’t you? & thanks a million !

  43. Deem says:

    I’m not in kuwait 🙂 You’re more than welcome…
    After,, you look 99% like someone I know! I mean you’re like twins :$

    Did anybody told u before u look like someone?

    Deem: George Michael seems to be topping the charts recently, which kinda freaks me out i must admit.

  44. Deem says:

    Well I didn’t meant George Michael 😛

    Someone normal :P!! A kuwaity guy,,, u look like brothers :$

    Deem: nop, who that might be. Dad once called me and was like ” what are you doing in dubai” and i was in my room so it might be that dude …

  45. Deem says:

    Is it okay if I put his name here?? 😛

    Deem: I don’t mind, he might. 🙂

  46. Moh Riz says:

    hey jasem,
    its really really nice to have someone who really has put his brains into fitter lifestyle…

    Moh Riz: walla thank you my man ! 🙂 appreciate it !!

  47. Mohd says:


    good work

    wl fal lna enshaalah 🙂

  48. Yara says:

    Wanasa 7adda Mashallah mashallah allah ywafegkom enshallah.. and yes im with Deem, u look like someone.. bas i dont know if me and Deem mean the same guy

    Yara: deem claims i look like someone she knows i disagree 😛 hehehe

  49. nasser al-nasser says:

    mashala .. wayed t’3ayart 😀

    Nasser: 😀

  50. VARMA says:

    Really Its Great and Good ….ok proceed .

  51. Abdullah Khajah says:

    Bo-7amoud, your doing extremely good, mashallah.
    God bless you and all the best.
    Your only brother

    Abdullah walla i know i haven’t been a good brother and seen you in a while, i miss you man. Thank you for your kind words, we need to get together over dinner or lunch or whatever soon. Take care ya 7ilo.

  52. Ala'a says:

    This is a very impresing idea 😉 !
    hope u all the best 😀

    Ala’a thanks alot.

  53. haya says:

    hi jassim,
    what r the procedures to join the group? me & my husband wana join plz reply asap

    Haya, please take a look at our Join Us page ! Thanks a bunch.

  54. Mohammed says:

    Mash’allah SHo’3ol Mat3ob 3laiih, w Kil shay emna’6aam, w ahaam shy Masha’allah Min Nazalt waznik w ensha’allah u feel better now :->
    w Etkon mathaal 7aq ‘3airik min alshbab


  55. anwaar says:

    meta ra7 namshee el youm ya jama3a shino nalbes im new plz help

  56. tota says:

    Goood job

  57. Hanoof says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaw .. ma sha2 allha

    Man good job ,,

    I am suffering to loss 10 kilo

  58. Muneera says:

    great great great!

    such an inspiring idea 😉 loved it! and hope i could join soon 🙂

    Inshala you will & you can

  59. 3abadee says:

    Good job man , mashallah 3lyk yalla mta elmashya
    U R my hero
    super jassem 🙂

    soon inshalla this tuesday at 5:30

  60. 3abadee says:

    I joined the group in 5.1.08
    bs ma kent agdaar amshee m3akom becouse of the exams
    so i realy wanna walk with the group next time so pls tell me where & when it will be next time 🙂

  61. es7a8 says:

    لآنا اسمي اسحاق محمد ابي اشترك معاكم ما عليكم امر يالغاليين

  62. ghazi al khubaizi says:

    hii nice job jassem i was like u before and i lost alot weight i am looking forward to join you my best wishes and keep up the good work ..

  63. meme says:

    Hii there
    Congratulations for your success and accomplishment. I saw your interview on youtube. I am currently in the states and I gained like 20 pounds in a year! I know what u went through. As a student I really find it hard to keep my health on track . Im not overweight but I would like to lose the 20 pounds I gained. Im coming back to Kuwait for good and I would like to join you guys for support.
    Thanks for your hard work and effort

  64. iRise says:

    This is wonderful!!! I’m surprised I haven’t heard of you before I read this blog…

    I love to run! But it’s hard in Kuwait, since all the walkways are concrete (really bad on the knees).

  65. Colleen says:

    Hi! I’m moving to Kuwait in August, and I’m so excited to learn about this club! I definitely want to get involved!

  66. Nora says:

    How do u deal with the hot weather in Kuwait ?

  67. Elberk says:

    wow .. i so wanna join .. i know my goloco level .. will level up finally .. too bad you guys do it like twice a month .. 7alata daily oo mornings or evenings to cheer up each other .. cant walk in ramadan akhaf my in hypo .. im gaining weight in ramadan with elgaimat om 3li :S .. malls are the answer 😀 .. keep up the good work guys

  68. Senior says:

    what a great job man! u r an example and i knew how good you feel from inside .. keep it up bro:)

  69. Awesome post once again. Thank you:)

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