Day 6

Good Morning…

9:00 a.m. : Black coffee & a haloumi, Zaatar sandwich (Starbucks) .. Minus the Haloum, i’m not a big fan. More like a tomatoe, olives and Mint sandwich.

11:30 a.m. : 4 pieces of ketchup pringles.

12:00 a.m. : Red Galad apple back in town – 1 .

1:30 p.m. : Salad and half a chicken sandwich from Breadz – Soug Sharg. I really love that place it has a great selection of salads.

3:00 p.m. : well 😦 i got home, dad is in town, he was eating fagi3 😛 which i always thought were the same 100 dollars a shred truffles i use to have in L.A. & Vegas but for 8 KD a box from the Saudi in the Camry parked on some street in Kuwait. Damn those things are yummy, sorry tummy i just couldn’t resist.

6:25 p.m. : 6 pistachios 1 diet coke.

7:40 p.m. : Vegetable Noodles and a small piece of brownie which i really felt guilty afterwards.

8:30 p.m. : Put on my favorites sneakers in the whole world, faithless playing in my iPod, and left Bayan to Mishref ran all around Mishref and back to Bayan.

Saud …. Tushay.


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4 Responses to Day 6

  1. Sooli says:

    3alaik ib alf 3afya .. I persoanlly don’t like Starbucks sandwiches. They are too soft, and I don’t feel like I ate a whole sandwich by the time I’m finished and half an hour later I’m hungry again!

    Sooli: 3alaich bil 3afya, i love the bread feels like a “isfinj” 😛

  2. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    limit ur food buddy dont intake more than ur body needs!!

  3. nasser al-nasser says:

    shda3wa ma7ad ygool ina ilyoom fe mashy =Pp

    Nasser: hmmmmmmmm i’m a little confused as to what the website serves as & the mailing list which Mr. Al – Nasser you are clearly not registered to ! 😛 … send me a blank one with your name and the subject title register to … cheers!

  4. Farah says:

    Mashalah…u seem to be doing a great job. I wish I could jog like that! I was gona go to mishref yesterday around 7 but it was dark and some of the areas arent lit so i kinda chikened out! But it’s safe there right?

    Farah: It is very safe, for a girl i’d stick to the mamsha area where there is alot of people .. i tend to run in places that sometimes get real creepy !

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