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11 Responses to F R I D A Y

  1. Maze says:

    i cant wait!!

  2. Ali Al-Rayes says:

    i’ll be there inshalah
    can’t wait

  3. Deem says:


    Deem: why the 😦 ?

  4. Farah says:

    A surprise? Interesting! I’d love to come and meet the group again but I’m invited somewhere..inshalla the following week 🙂 But u gotta post and tell us what the surprise was….after friday i guess 😛

    Farah: offcourse i will 😉

  5. Abdulrazzaq Al-Salem says:

    surpriseee ?!!

    i cant make it this friday :(:( i have to study for my test on Saturday :(:(

    Abdulrazzaq: it’s more like torture 😛 hehhe you focus on those tests, good luck buddy.

  6. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    So what was the suprise?? Red shirts?? They mostly look good on calvin. Matchng colors 😉

    Saud: Ask Ali and let me know if your in! 😀

  7. Saud where have you been MA man? HAYA it has been a while since you joined us walking , I hope your knee is healing up alright.

    Neil: Hi there, the knee is doing much better.. thanks for asking.. I miss you all lots.. and hopefully will be joining you soon.. but only if J makes me a special 6K T-shirt !!


  8. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    iam here, but i cant make it on fridays, u know when the sun is bright and hot, and the sea is smooth cant resist not going in ;p how r u? hmm jay iam thinking about it.

    Saud: Well if this thing happens i swear i would take it personal if you don’t show up 🙂 i better see you there in your yellow speedo’s. i’m good how’s everything on your side?

  9. Saud Al-Rayes says:

    haha inshalla, i dont know :p

  10. hey JZ
    dont you you know by now that what ever Haya asks for she should get pronto,kapeshe !!
    and bill me for the cost of the t-shirt
    Haya talabatik awamer my dear

    Neil: offcourse aslan she gets the first red t-shirt, still saved. 😀 just get that knee well and SHOW UP!

  11. Haya says:

    Neil & J:

    You guys are the best.. heheh these comments made my day!
    Miss you lots.. will be showing up soon :*

    til then I have a surprize too 😉

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